10 Disappointing Facts About "Healthful Foods" You Need To Know ASAP. #4 Is HEARTBREAKING!

Eating healthful or healthy foods is one of the most common tip or advice you will hear from health experts or diet enthusiasts nowadays. They will tell you to choose foods that are organic or labeled as low-fat, less-calorie and sugar free.

This is the main reason why the demand for such foods increased dramatically. Many food manufacturers sees this a good opportunity so they started creating and labeling their own products as low in fat, low sugar and low calories.

The problem is, these foods are not totally healthful. Yes, the sugar or fat are reduced but they are still there and it's about time for you to know some of these so called healthful foods.

10 Disappointing Facts About "Healthful Foods" You Need To Know ASAP

1) Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

A regular peanut butter is always a good option over reduced-fat peanut butters. Why? reduced fat peanut butter often means more carbs, sodium and sugars.

2) Low-Fat Yogurt

Low fat or calories yogurt are so popular nowadays. But, have you ever wondered why they still taste so sweet despite cutting some of its calories? The answer is artificial sweeteners and they have lots of it.

3) Vitamin Water

Let me ask you this, why does Vitamin water taste real sweet? Answer: artificial sweeteners.

4) Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers sounds like a good food for diet and health conscious people. WRONG! Most veggie burgers are packed with hydrolyzed and textured vegetable protein, corn products and worst, MSG.

5) Veggie Chips

Vegetables, if cooked or altered in any form, loses its healthful benefits. So when it comes to veggie chips, it's not that healthful anymore. Veggie chips contains almost the same amount of calories of a regular chips.

6) Light Salad Dressing

A regular salad dressing is way better than light salad dressing. Light salad dressing might have fewer calories but the health benefits of it was reduced as well. It kinda defeats the purpose of eating healthful foods, right?

7) Diet Soda

A soda is a soda. Doesn't matter if it's labeled diet or sugar free. It's still sweet and packed with good amount of artificial flavors and sweeteners.

8) Fruit Muffins

Lots of people considers a fruit muffin to be a healthful food. They mightbe right because of the fruits BUT it's also packed with large amount of calories and fat.

9) Bottled Green Tea

Green tea in a bottle taste sweet right? Keyword: artificial sweetener and it has lots of it.

10) Cereals

According to studies, for every cup of a Raisin Bran, there's 19 grams of sugar. Better consume this cereal in moderation.

H/T:  buzzfeed


Elizabeth O. said...

WOW! I had no idea about all these so-called healthy food. Thanks for educating us about this. I guess that's why it's so much better to just prepare your own food when you're switching to a healthier lifestyle.

RUSS said...

That's the thing with veggie burgers - no wonder, they're so flavorful. If it's still good when it's not supposed to be, you'd know something is up. BUT looking on the brighter side, there are lot of articles out there that say this is not good, etc. At the end of the day, I think everything should really just be consumed in moderation.

Bismah Abdelgawad said...

The sad truth is so many people are totally unaware of these facts. We don't purchase any fat free products at all in our home. Everything is full fat including our milk and we do not purchase any cereals. We are all healthy and none of us are overweight. Really makes you wonder if this so called healthier, low fat foods are contributing to the climbing obesity rates.

Chelsea L. said...

I totally agree everything that you have said in this post. Most of us do not pay attention regarding product content. We are just contented knowing its less fat or diet. Esp. on soda no matter how you call it still not good for body consumption. I say go for organic foods pricey but worth it.