Woman Woke Up From 8-Month Coma Revealed That Her Caring Boyfriend Is The One Who Put Her There

What was initially reported as an extra-ordinary love story took a huge turn when a comatose Chinese woman woke up and revealed that her boyfriend, who cared for her while she's in coma, is the one who put her at that state.

Liu Fenghe looking at his comatose girlfriend, Lin Yingying

According to reports, Liu Fenghe, who stayed at the bedside of his comatose girlfriend for 8 months and spent around 200, 000 yuan for her treatment is now facing serious charges. Days after waking up from coma, Lin Yingying revealed that she was severely beaten and physically abused by her boyfriend because of some burnt bread in the bakery they run together. Lin suffered serious head injury that put here into vegetative state.

Investigations are still on going about this heartbreaking case.



Elizabeth O. said...

What a serious plot twist. It could be possible that he was doing that out of guilt. She lost 8 months of her life because of a burnt bread? That's crazy!

Melissa Bernardo said...

Wow. This is a sad story.

mail4rosey said...

I did see this story. I thought it was sad. I'm glad she lived.