A Group Tried to Sabotage an LGBT Friendly Prom, Ended Up Raising Thousands of Dollars To Help The Event

Talk about major backfire!

When the Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal was put on public, the anti-gay group called Stop Safe Schools Coalition didn't wasted a second to create a plan on sabotaging it.

Minus 18, the group behind the event, planned the party with a goal to give the teens that belongs to the LGBTQ community a chance to have a prom night where they can be just themselves. Here's a quick description of the event via eventbrite.com.au .

Victoria Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal 

We're pumped to announce our 2016 Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal! A night to wear what you want, come with who you want, and just be yourself!

This event is for young people aged 21 and under and is strictly drug and alcohol free.

Imagine being told by your school that the clothes you feel comfortable wearing to a formal aren’t considered ‘normal’ or don’t conform to a dress code. Imagine not being allowed to take a partner of the same sex, or being too afraid to attend altogether.

It’s a sucky reality for gender diverse and same sex attracted students from all over Australia, who are bullied or made to feel unsupported because of their identity. That’s what the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal is all about; you, me and heaps of other students having the night of our lives.

But it’s also a chance for us to say to schools “Hey, you need to do more to support us; you need to challenge transphobia and homophobia.” Until all schools step up and make their events safe for everyone, we’ll run the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal.

From the look and sounds of it, it's a very good event that doesn't promote any bad or evil intentions whatsoever. But for some reason, the Stop Safe Schools Coalition didn't want the party to happen, so they posted their intention of putting a stop at this event via their Facebook page.

Members of the anti-gay group obliged and bought bunch or most of the tickets. According to Micah Scott, chief executive at Minus 18, he suspects that STOP Safe Schools group bought all of the cheaper, early bird tickets.

"The purpose of those was to provide young people with an opportunity to get in with a cheap option ... but unfortunately it looks like it has all been snapped up by this conservative group."

But there's one thing that the STOP Safe Schools Coalition missed out:  the ticketing program is set up as a crowdfunding system. Every ticket “purchased” is guaranteed to go to a LGBTQ teen to attend the event.

So since the CONSERVATIVES bought all the tickets, they ALLOWED registered people on the waiting list to attend the event for FREE! 

As of this moment, Minus 18 has reportedly raised nearly $30k. The group's original goal was to raise $15k for 500 tickets.

Because of this huge turnaround ( and major backfire for the anti-gay group), Minus 18 is planning to move the event to a larger venue to accomodate a bigger crowd.

H/T: cheezburger.com, lgbtqnation.com


Mai C. said...

Talk about karma! Lol. That's awesome, knowing that the event will still continue and at a bigger venue as well. There's so much hate in this world and these teens are already under pressure. They don't need bullies to hurt them even more. I'm so happy they can celebrate and just be themselves, even for one night.

Carmela Mempin said...

It's so sad other people still do sabotage LGBT. I think we cannot force others belief, but for me we always wanted a peaceful life.

Miles L. said...

I think this is a really big and controversial topic. People are divided in their opinions.