WATCH: Snake With Feet Captured In The Philippines. Freakin' Unbelievable!

The appearance of snake alone within our home is already a scary experience. What more if the snake does have a set of feet? YES you read it right and I am not fooling around, snake with feet do exist!

Noberto Gambol of Isabela, Philippines reportedly captured a snake with fully functioning feet. According to news sources, Norberto was cleaning their house when he spotted the snake crawling on their floor.

Here's some screen shot of the snake with feet after Norberto killed it.

Snake With Feet and Legs

Snake With Feet

And here's a news clip about it.

The story about the snake with feet spread like a wildfire all over the province. Speculations and rumors floats around saying it's a sign of something about to happen. But according to a scientist, this rare appearance of snake with feet was due to genetic mutation.

What do you think of this story? Also, what would you do if you saw a snake with feet crawling (walking?) around your house?


Elizabeth O. said...

As if they're not scary enough without feet. But hey, I don't know, how was it exposed to genetic mutation? It probably just ate a lizard or something.

Victoria Heckstall said...

This is real? I am afraid for the snakes

Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey said...

It looked like the snake swallowed some animal with feet. The story is very interesting though connecting it to Chinese dragons.


Why did they kill it? I HATE snakes. One with feet would probably freak me out just as much as one slithering would. Very weird and creepy!

Shannon's Eye said...

If this was actually in my house I would freak. Lock my cat away to save it. Call animal control. Try to block it in to one room or area. Take lots of photos!!!

MaryJane Tauyan said...

that's a cool looking snake! i was watching a documentary or video like this on youtube sometime before and they thought it was possible.