HEAD TRANSPLANT Successfully Done On A Monkey. Is Human Head Transplant Next?

Maverick doctor Sergio Canavero, the scientist who wanted to carry out the first human head transplant in the history, has successfully caried out a head transplant on a monkey.

According to news reports, the transplant was carried out at Harbin Medical University in China. The neurosurgeon says that the monkey survived the procedure “without any neurological injury of whatever kind”. However, they put the money to rest (mercy killing) after 20 hours for "ethical reasons".

“I would say we have plenty of data to go on,” Canavero told New Scientist. “It’s important that people stop thinking this is impossible. This is absolutely possible and we’re working towards it.”

How they did the monkey head transplant

The team behind the work has published videos and images showing a monkey with a transplanted head.

Warning: graphic photo below.

A picture that shows to claim a monkey that successfully had its head placed on another body
A picture that shows to claim a monkey that successfully had its head placed on another body
The success of this procedure shows that Dr. Canavero's plan to carry out the first ever human head transplant is on its way. He says that he might do it at the last quater of 2017. The doctor truly believes that his procedure could become the only way to treat complete paralysis.

According to some experts, this highly publicized success is an attempt of the doctor and his team to get supporters and fund for his upcoming human head transplant project. Dr. Canavero has said that he will need a huge amount of money to fund the team of surgeons and scientists involved and he might also ask Mark Zuckerberg to help fund it.

What do you think of this project by Dr. Sergio Canavero? Are we ready for this new kind of medical procedure?

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Elizabeth O. said...

Although it is a breakthrough, would anyone really want to go through this kind of procedure? Kinda creepy. Lol.