Watch How A Kid Fights Back And Knock The Hell Out Of An Alleged Bully, Crazy Fight!

We all love watching those videos of bullied kids fighting back and knocking the hell out of their opponents. We've seen some clips of it before but none of them is as crazy as this one.

Teen Makes Amazing Comeback in Bathroom Fight Before Knocking Opponent out

The video below shows two men who aren't at the same level in terms of size, height and physical attributes when it comes to fighting. The alleged bully (the taller guy) showered the other guy with punches and knees that lasted for around 35 seconds. On the other hand, the bully victim seems like just trying to block those hits. But the truth is, he wasn't just blocking it. Instead, he is just waiting for the right time and moment to counter.

After throwing just few counter punches, the bully victim manage to get the other guy go on his knees. He knocked the hell out of the bully and the rest is history.

Watch how the fight unfolds with this video.

Kid Cornered By Alleged Bully In Bathroom Makes Crazy Comeback

Teen was getting his ass beat in a school bathroom... but makes a come-back and knocks him out.

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