LOOK: Driver Who Dragged Policeman in his Vehicle Is The Same Man Who Pulled A Gun on Taxi Driver Last Year!

Popular auto journalist James Deakin posted an article at his blog stating that the driver who dragged a police office just recently is the same man who pulled a gun on a cab driver last year - Bill Tan Ang.

Bill Tan Ang Road Rage
Photo Credit: James Deakin
Here's an excerpt of Deakin's post regarding the identity of the driver.

“Taken at face value, it seems just like another random crazed motorist in this jungle we call Metro Manila,” he said. “But upon closer inspection, many noticed the similarities between the person in this latest video and the one that went viral back in July of last year, which Ang eventually admitted to after his cousin was mistakenly tagged as the culprit and became the victim of harassment and Internet scorn.”

Knowing the kind of trouble he made last year, many netizens asked what happened to the case and why his license is not revoked. Well, according to Deakin's article, Ang reached a settlement with taxi driver after drawing his gun out after a traffic altercation.

"Ang has confirmed that he is indeed the one in the video and claims that he has since reached a settlement with the Makati City Cops and the taxi driver. Problem is, if there is any truth to that, that’s exactly what happened last time. He reached a settlement. And then was let loose back on the roads where he dragged a police officer and almost killed him."

Although it's not yet confirmed by the authorities, many netizens are already voicing out their opinion about this issue. Majority of them are quite disappointed on how the Philippine authorities are dealing with this kind of cases or situation.

What are your thoughts or opinion at this news?

Source: JamesDeakin.ph