What These German and British Soldiers Did During Christmas of 1914 Is Beyond Extraordinary. So Touching and Heartwarming!

The below video advertisement is created by the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It depicts an extraordinary event called The Christmas Truce that happened during the first world war.

German British Soldiers Christmas 1914

It commemorates the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914, when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man’s land, sharing gifts – and even playing football together. Soldiers of Germany and Britain, came out of their trenches to celebrate Christmas together singing and just genuinely sharing laughter together.

It's a very heartwarming scene that can surely make you shed a tear.

Even at the toughest of time, in the heat of war and at the most dreadful occasion, there can be great humanity. - Alan Cleaver


Liz Mays said...

It's little glimpses like this that keep us hoping for better tomorrows. This is such a neat thing!

Coolmoms Cooltips said...

Wars are do senseless. I think is a great example about how with s little respect and tolerance we can find a way to live together in peace