Paris Bans Motor Vehicles for 1 Day And Here's The Reason Why!

If you are planning to visit Paris soon, this news might just forced you to visit it next month. For one day, locals and visitors will be able to experience the capital and most-populous city of France without motorized vehicle.

Eiffel Tower Paris

This coming September 27, 2015, authorities will give Paris over to pedestrians and bicycle riders. This will make the city free of traffic congestion, noise and sound pollution. The said day can also transform the physical and auditory landscape, enabling more great views and ambient sounds that are not usually seen nor heard during regular days.

Paris France Eiffel Tower

According to news reports, the Car-Free Paris day is perfectly timed with the United Nations Climate Conference and European Mobility week. The move is a display that creating a car-free city is entirely possible even just for one day.

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Aside from Paris, some cities around the globe are also eyeing a car-free future as well. China, Abu Dhabi and Hamburgh are reportedly creating their own plans or versions of a car-free city for longer terms.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay