Unique Digital Advertising Ideas in the Philippines

Augmented reality marketing is becoming the trend in today’s generation of digital advertising. This is because not a lot of brands are into reaching out directly to their target audiences, and you can immediately fill in that gap. Two, this kind of digital advertising can reap you with great benefits since it builds innovative experiences with your customer base.

There are actually a lot of unique and creative ways to use augmented reality marketing in the Philippines, and below are some of the tools that you may want to try:

1. Motion games. Motion games are very innovative forms of digital advertising mainly because they target user engagement. A form of interactive motion gaming, the players themselves become the controller of your customized branded game. Possible game ideas using motion control are endless!

Motion games, such as Kinect Custom Ice Crush Game, are enticing since they provide an environment for users to explore what the brand offers in an augmented reality setting. The company that made Custom Ice Crush Game, Waveplay Interactive (www.waveplayinteractive.com) also allows group motion participation, providing an option for inter group competitions or interactive games for events/activation with high foot traffic.

Motion games

2. Touch screen applications. For smaller booth setups with tight space or certain games that are best played with touch (puzzle, dragging game, drawing game, selfie photobooths, etc), touch screen games are your best bet. These applications may come in the form of mobile games or played on a wide-screen touch screen TV.

Below is a sample game done in the Philippines, again by Waveplay Interactive (www.waveplayinteractive.com), for a bread brand, Gardenia.

Touch Screen App Gardenia

Gardenia Touch Screen App

And check out below for a more larger than life "Giant Tablet" touch screen experience done in the PLDT Fibr event.

3. Motion-based activities. While not necessarily interactive motion gaming applications, motion-based activities also give a heightened user experience towards the brand being promoted. The Downy Instaswitch sample below gave the consumers a real life experience of the Downy Parfum Collection Scent Switcher Commercial.

Downy Parfum Collection TV Commercial

Downy Instaswitch Motion-Based Video

These kinds of activities are great forms of augmented reality marketing since they give target consumers a real time feel of the brand.

4. Digital photobooths. Probably the most popular form of augmented reality marketing, digital photobooths showcase the brand’s best features that can be printed on paper-together with the guest’s photos. They may also be set up with interactive motion gaming installations or motion based user controls, depending on how you want to promote your brand.

If you’re looking for a source for interactive setups, including digital photobooths, group motion gaming, custom branded kinect games, touch screen games, augmented reality, check out this Philippine based company specializing in interactive event executions.. Waveplay Interactive at http://waveplayinteractive.com.