When Teachers Were Asked Why Their 80,000 Students Failed in English Class, They Replied "Leak of Interest". This Is A True Story.

India - When around 80 thousand students of Class X government schools failed in English in the Punjab School Education Board examination (PSEB), the Education Minister immediately took action. He called for some investigation and part of it was to ask the teachers and get some explanations.

Upon receiving the explanations, the state’s Education minister Daljit Singh Cheema was quite horrified not because of the answers given but how they are written in English sentence or form. He found out that none of the 220 English teachers could write a simple English sentence correctly.

India School Students
Representational image. Pixabay
Here are few examples of the replies or explanations that the Education minister received:

‘Leak of interest’; ‘English are international languages so no interest’; ‘Staff of our school were vacant…our school has situated remote area’; ‘Student mental level are not well in these syllabus’; ‘It class was very weak from 6 by chance’; ‘teachers under pressure of other work, so no time study’.

Upon reading all the replies, the minister then asked the teachers to speak in English. The result was almost the same and some are even worse.

Because of this shocking revelation, the horrified minister didn't hold back his thoughts and emotion and told one of the teachers:

"If your English teacher had been alive today I would have asked him what kind of language did he teach you."

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Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I think they should hire better English teachers.

Michi said...

I think teachers need to attend English crash course so they could teach better.

Allan D said...

I think we are still lucky because we can speak and write English better than them.

tondo girl said...

Let's face it not all nationality are good in speaking and writing the English language. I am fortunate enough to have worked with Indian nationals who really speaks English fluently.

Katrina Centeno said...

Maybe they have problem with spelling. They have a distinct accent when speaking in English. Indians are competing with us, Pinoys, in the call center industry.