The Philippines Needs This Right Now! Urine Resistant Walls Shoot Pee Back!

Nowadays, it's a common thing to see guys peeing in public. You can usually see them at the corners shooting their urine at the wall. This has become one of the common problems of many establishment and building owners around the metro. Although they did their best to warn the public by putting signage and warnings at their wall, there are still people who can't be stop by those warnings alone.

Because of this problem, city workers of San Francisco made a huge step to fight back public urinators who have been using the city’s streets as urinals. According to, the city of San Francisco have covered some of their public walls with a repellent paint that makes urine spray back, splashing the urinator's shoes and pants.

Watch this video to see how this works:

San Francisco Public Works department is confident that this move from their office can instantly stop public urinators. Public urination has long been a problem in the city that left some of their streets soaked in pee, not to mention the kind of smell it brings.

If this thing works in San Francisco, do you think this can be also implemented around the cities of the Philippines? What do you think?


ourfamilyworld said...

That is a brilliant idea! Whoever thought of this is a genius. Shame on the men who are just too lazy to find a toilet.

Franc said...

This should eliminate public urination. I hope they come up with this concept here.

rosemary palmer said...

Never heard of this. First thought was EWWWW! I guess if a city needs it, but having trouble wrapping my head around this one.