WATCH: Mexican Singer Drop Her Feminine Pad During Live TV Performance!

The name Patricia Navidad instantly became a world wide hit after performing live on TV. But it wasn't because of the song she sang or how good she is. It's because of an unfortunate incident that involves her and her menstrual period.

According to TMZ, the Mexican singer and actress' feminine pad fell out during her live TV performance. She was singing or performing the piece "Viva Mexico" on Univision's "Despierta America" or Wake Up America in English. Watch the video below.

According to some viewers who are watching the TV show, it's look like a fake and scripted stunt. They are all saying that it's her way to score some sponsorship or deals with major feminine pad brands around Mexico or even worldwide.

Well, who knows. It can be the case or it can be not?

You, what do you think?

Image via TMZ


Mommy Maye said...

OMG! Is this for real? Last time I saw naman a girl twerking with her pads too almost coming out. Haha!

theresa said...

It might be real too! Pads can be a little nuisance sometimes. I just hope it's just a stunt