What A Shame! Mother Refuses To Break Her Expensive BMW's Window To Rescue Her Child

For a lot of parents, there's no other thing, specially material thing, that can replace the life of their child. But for this parents, it might not be the case at all.

In China, a mother reportedly stop rescuers in breaking her luxury car's window to save her son. The mother left her young son alone in her BMW then refused to break the car's windows in order to save her son from the suffocating heat.

The incident took place in the city of Yiwu in coastal of Zhejiang province. Police officers and rescuers received a call alerting them about a child that was locked down inside a parked car.

When the rescuers arrived, they found the 3 year old boy sitting at the drivers seat gasping and crying for help. Investigators said that the child had already been trapped for about an hour. There are already locksmiths at the scene trying to open up the car's door.

Mother Refuses To Break Her BMW's Window To Rescue Her Child

The rescuers didn't waste any time upon arrival. They immediately asked for the child's mother permission to break the car's window glass to get him out. But to the surprise of them and to the crowd that gather around to witness the rescue mission, the mother declined and insisted to wait for the locksmith to open the car's door.

After few minutes of trying, the locksmiths gave up and the mother finally gave the go signal to smash the glass to save her child.

Although her son got out safe, the mother received bad reputation on how she acted and reacted to the life and death situation of her child.

This incident already gone viral on China’s Weibo microblogs. A lot of people responded with fury, with many arguing that the mother’s behavior was an example of values gone awry in modern China.