One Direction Fan Threatens To Kill Harry Styles At MetLife Stadium #HarryBeCareful

If you are wondering why Twitter blew up today with the hashtag #HarryBeCareful, you must read the below information.

According to several sources and tweets, someone on Twitter posted a message about the plan to kill Harry Styles of the boy band One Direction. The Directioners or the fans of the group, especially the fans of Harry Styles are taking no chances and took the threat seriously.

Harry Styles Performing Live #HarryBeCareful

Here’s the original message/tweet that created the worldwide fandom panic:

Harry Styles Death Threat MetLife Stadium

Just this morning, the hashtag #HarryBeCareful made to the top of Worldwide trending topic. The hashtag was made to alert Harry Styles himself, the security team and the management of the place where he will perform this coming August.

According to the Harry Styles and One Direction fans, there’s a similar incident that happened back in 2012. According to the story, a crazy fan girl showed up to see Harry Styles perform live but was arrested moments later after discovering that she was holding a handgun.

For more of this story, you should check out and follow this hashtag on Twitter: #HarryBeCareful

This is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of. I am quite sure that Harry Styles himself will release a statement about this soon.

Harry Styles One Direction Smile #HarryBeCareful