Woman And Kids Held Hostage Saved by Pizza Hut App? Know How!

Who would have thought that in time of serious threat, an online application created by a pizza store could save lives? This is what exactly happened to a woman and her children when they are saved from possible harm after ordering pizza online.

According to Highlands County investigators, at 3:40 p.m. on Monday, May 4th, an online pizza order was received by the Pizza Hut in Avon Park. At the order slip’s comment section, there was a message asking them call 911 as the customer was being held hostage.

When the Pizza Hut employees quickly recognized that the said order came from one of their regular customers, they immediately called Highlands County Sheriff's Office to investigate further.

The police quickly responded and went to the delivery location for the order. Upon arrival at the customer’s house, the deputies were greeted by Cheryl Treadway who was carrying a small child at her arms. Treadway reported that her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson was inside her home carrying a knife and her two other children were also inside held hostage by Nickerson.

LEFT: Ethan Earl Nickerson jail booking photo. Right: Receipt shows the message sent asking for help, alongside 26 year-old Ethan Earl Nickerson's jail booking photo
LEFT: Ethan Earl Nickerson jail booking photo. Right: Receipt shows the message sent asking for help.
After 20 tense minutes of negotiation, Nickerson surrendered and Treadway’s two other children was rescued safely by the police officers.

If not with the quick thinking of Treadway to use the Pizza Hut app, no one would know what’s going on at her home. No one will know that they are being held hostage and in great danger.

The Pizza Hut employees are also given great recognition for this successful rescue operation. If they didn’t pay attention or didn’t take the comments seriously, the police won’t be able to save Treadway and her kids.


theresa said...

I've read this but in different version. It's a call and not an online order. Hmm, I don't know if this is a different story. Same thing, the girl was hostaged by the boyfriend.

Mayen Acebron said...

Oh my, Good thing the pizza people believed her.

Elizabeth O. said...

It was a good thing she thought of it quickly. Kudos too, to the people behind the app.

Michi said...

Glad that they are safe now but there was convenience fee for the help noh!

Katrina Centeno said...

She is clever and it saved her life. I remember about the story of someone ordering pizza and the one receiving the call was quick witted to detect that the caller is in a domestic dispute.

Melgie Campbell said...

This story is amazing! Surely apps help and good job to Pizza hut employees for saving the family's life.