WOW! Taylor Swift Super Fan Loses 400 Pounds By Working Out To Her Music! (VIDEO)

If you are one of billions of people who are trying to lose weight, this story will surely inspire you even more.

Ronnie Brower already lost more than 400 pounds. What makes his weight loss success story more awesome is the music he listens too while working out. According to sources, he is a big fan of Taylor Swift and her music really pumps him up while working out.

Taylor Swift Inspired Weight Loss by Ronnie Brower

According to people close to Ronnie Brower, he already made huge changes in his life and a big part of it is because of his choice of music while trying to shed some pounds. He listens to the singer every day as part of his daily workout regime.

Around two years ago, Brower weighed 675 pounds and his doctors feared he would die before the age of 35 unless he changed his lifestyle.

With the help of Taylor Swift's uptempo and catchy music, Brower hit the gym regularly, gave up drugs and alcohol, and worked towards his goal of losing weight. One of his favorite songs to listen to, specially when doing some situps day after day is “Shake It Off”.

Because of his huge success and the inspiration it gives, Swift fans have started tweeting the hashtag #ronnieweightloss at the singer to get her attention and acknowledge her super fan.

Here's a video of Ronnie Brower uploaded by Joe Bufano, chronicling his weight loss journey and the attempt to get the pop star's attention.