Faith in Humanity Restored! Honest Mall Attendant in Philippines Returns 172K Cash To Its Owner

A female attendant at one shopping mall in Iloilo City, Philippines is getting praise after she returned a bag full of cash to a senior citizen.

Generose Comoda has gained a lot of respect, attention and praise at her community after returning a bag with 172 thousand pesos cash to 66-year old Juliet Hallara.

According to Comoda, she was cleaning a restroom reserved for senior citizens and PWDs when she saw a bag hanging on the railing. As she wanted to return the bag to its rightful owner, she opened it to check for possible identification cards. She was quite shocked to see that the bag contains a great amount of cash along with some papers and documents.

Instead of pocketing the money, she turned it over to the security guards of the mall to identify and search for the owner. Few minutes after the said searching, an elderly woman came forward to claim it.

Hallara, the bag owner, said she left the bag after the leaving the restroom and quite afraid that she won’t see it again, considering the amount of cash placed inside of it. Hallara was so happy and truly thankful that her bag was found and the cash inside of it is still intact.

At the bag’s turnover, Hallara gave Comoda 2000 pesos cash as a reward. She also said that the mall is so lucky to have honest employees like Comoda.

Comoda, a single mother of two, said she was just happy to help someone out.

The mall and the local government are planning to have a ceremony to recognize the honesty of Comoda.