Poisonous Fake Rice Made of Plastic Have Reached Several Countries in Asia! Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam Allegedly Hit!

BEWARE: Poisonous Fake Rice Made of Plastic Have Reached Several Countries in Asia!

Rice is a big part of Asian meals, but because of this alarming report about rice made of plastic reaching several Asian countries, people might think twice about eating it.

Bowl of Rice

The "plastic rice" laced with poisonous resin stays hard after it has been cooked. The fake rice is made from potatoes, sweet potatoes with synthetic resin molded into the shape of real rice, making it easier to identify with bare eyes.

According to several reports, this deadly and poisonous fake rice already hit some Asian countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam. It was also said that this is commonly sold in Chinese markets, especially in Taiyuan in Shaanxi province.

Although there are no official reports yet about the authenticity of this fake rice circulating in Asia, some countries are already talking about how they can stop it.

In a press conference, the Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry through their Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob released a statement assuring the public that they will be taught how to identify fake grains.

Malaysian Domestic Trade Minister Hasan Malek also said that although there is no official report yet, they won't take such things lightly.

"I, too, have heard about the news. The news can be true or false; we don't know about it. We also don't know if the fake rice has landed in the country but we cannot take such things lightly.

"We will carry out investigations nationwide," Datuk Seri Hasan said.

The news about this fake plastic rice has gone viral around the internet, especially on social media sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook.



Elgarmummy said...

Not sure how real it is, but why do people want to create fake food? Imagine the dangers to health!

theresa said...

OMG! I just read about this now. It's kinda scary because our health and life is on the line here.

Pam G said...

Yikes! All I can think is why would they do things like this when it's obviously not healthy and risky to our lives?!