Filipino Found a Dead Cockroach inside Canned Meat Product Made In China

In an image posted at the Facebook page named Let's Destroy China (The Pirate Capital of the World), you can clearly see that there’s a certain insect or what looks like a cockroach stuffed in the canned meat product MaLing.

Although there’s no official word or investigation yet about this, many Filipino people are already showing their disgust about the said China made product.

This image post already has almost 22 thousand shares and 2000 likes.

What do you think? Is this incident already enough for the Filipino people to totally boycott all CHINA made products?

Here's the Facebook post about this incident:

hindi lang tayo sinasakop ng China.. nilalason din tayo. kaya boycott all china product.
Posted by Let's Destroy China (The Pirate Capital of the World) on Thursday, May 14, 2015