BEYOND SICK! Baby Tied to a Leash Like A Dog While Mom Makes Fun Of Him/Her!

Another sick and inhumane photo is going viral around the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter today. The viral photo shows a baby tied to a leash and made to look like a pet. It's disturbing enough to see this kind of image but what makes this image more crazy and odd is that, it's her/his own mother who is making fun of her own child!

That said baby photo tied like a dog was ALLEGEDLY shared by Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco on Facebook. You can clearly see her name and the images below.

Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco Baby Tied On Leash

Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco Facebook Post With Baby Tied On Leash

This is really an alarming photo and with how it gone viral around the world wide web in just few hours of posting, you know it will hit the mainstream media sooner or later.

What do you think about this photo? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.


Len said...

this is very sick! what kind of mother is she? this should be reported to bantay bata

Vera said...

It's unacceptable and I think it should be reported rather than be reshared. I hope you also remove the image on your blog as it, in my opinion, tends to continue victimizing the child as the photo is viewed by a lot more people.

That's just my opinion of course :)

Mommy Maye said...

This is a very good example of think first before posting. The mother said, the little boy was playing with his cousin and they made fun with the shoe lace tying around the little boy's neck. But given that their just playing, the mother shouldn't take photos like these and even posted on FB. I hope everyone should learn from this. Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.

kareen liez said...

Sick indeed! The mother didn't even worry about her child and treated it like a dog. She even thinks its funny!

JanzCrystalz January said...

It maybe just be a joke for her, but for the child it is already an abuse.

Melgie Campbell said...

I saw this on TV Patrol the other day, and I feel so bad about the baby though. Such a bad Mom whoever she is and this is not right. So sickening!!

Allan D said...

The mother claimed that she has no other intentions in doing this to his son. I know that no mother wants to put her kid in any harm. However, in my opinion, the only wrong thing she did is that she posted it in FB that looks very proud of what she did.

Given that the very rapid spread of information thru internet, we should really think before we click.