This Child's Drawing Looks Normal But After A Closer Look, It Turns Out To Be A Creepy One!

Children tend to see things differently. There are a couple of creepy encounters with children all around the web. But this one is really something.

A mother instructed her children to draw the members of their family and the map of their house as well. It might seem just an ordinary bonding time with kids but after the children finished the drawing, the creep started to fill the house. In her child's drawing, she pictured out the four of them plus two other people.

Maybe they are just imaginary friends, until their mother saw the map of their house. In the drawing, there is an additional room just right next to the bathroom (potty). Their mother thought that everything was just imaginary, until her daughter proved that the room actually existed.

Their was a room next to the potty but it's full of pipes. Being too small to see through the room full of pipes, her mother told her daughter to take a picture of the room within. To her mother's surprise, there was a candle with foreign letters encrypt in it.

What could that be? Very creepy, isn't it?



Elizabeth O. said...

How creepy! I was having goosebumps as I read your article. Children really tend to see things differently.

I remember when I was 7, my grandmother died. After the funeral, we all went home. My cousin (aged 4) and I decided to play in the garden and after just a few minutes he suddenly asked our cat to moved back a little to give way to our grandmother who's going to pass. I was young, too and thought it was cool, but my uncle who happened to be there as well, freaked out.

theresa said...

Yup. I tend not to look at the photos and just went straight on the text.

Cym Marzan said...

OMG! Do those two additional people live in the extra room? It sure is a creepy story with a hanging ending!

Mommy Maye said...

I almost didn't want to finish reading this. It's really creepy and I am having goosebumps too. My son loves to draw and thankfully, he just draw cars and his fave superheroes.

Mayen Acebron said...

This is creepy. Good thing I know every corner of our house. I'm sure there isn't any room I don't know of.

Melissa Bernardo said...

Oh my gosh! How creepy! I would have been so freaked out if I saw this!