Is There A Demon Hidden At Your Clash Of Clans Map? Creepy!

You Won't Play Clash Of Clans The Same Way Again After Looking At This Creepy Image!

Are you an avid fan of Clash of Clans? Do you play this game 24/7? If yes, did you ever noticed this image?

I stumbled upon this image posted by Bryan Kier Dime on his Facebook account. The image shows the Clash of Clans game map with a hidden image that resembles a Demon. The caption says:
And when I saw this, I decided to delete the COC app in our ipad. I don't want to play COC anymore. I'm sorry Lord. I didn't know. Thank you to the owner of this pic. I also checked it, it's somewhere in the corner. Try to check it guys. Creepy. Sorry Lord. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
We should be aware in everything.
Go check your Clash of Clans map now and look for this image. It is located at the very top of your map and you have to zoom in to clearly see the creepy image.

For sure the Clash of Clans creators and developers have an answer for this. We will wait for their statements.


Katrina Centeno said...

Oh, it looks creepy. But if it was me who saw that I will just brush it aside and assume it is a drawing of an animal and not connect it to the demon describe in the book of revelation.