Nothing Still Beats This Prank That Happened Almost 10 Years Ago! Outrageously Hilarious

April Fools day is over. Schools are also closing for the summer. This means that all school or student pranks will stop for now until the new school year begins.

 Crosswalk Madness

But before getting down into your summer vacation, I think you should watch this best senior prank ever that happened almost 10 years ago. For me, this prank totally outsmarted and outwitted any other pranks of today.

Here's how this prank unfolded.

At first, it looks like a normal day of students crossing the streets to enter one building from another. But after few minutes of waiting and when the traffic started to build up, some motorists felt they had enough. They feel like that the crossing students are almost endless making it seems like there are thousands of them walking out from one building to enter another. The thing is, it's really endless and here's the reason why.

According to BusinessInsider.Com:
Since the two school buildings the dozens of students are walking between are connected by an underground tunnel, the same kids can continuously walk across the street over and over again. They continue long enough for the line of cars to extend far down the road.
What a clever old school prank indeed.