This Is Probably The World’s Largest Treehouse Ever Built! Really UNBELIEVABLE!

Inspired by the word of GOD, Horace Burgess started building a treehouse that is said to be the tallest and the biggest in the world.

World's Largest, Biggest and Tallest TREEHOUSE Ever Built!

According to some sources, Burgess was told to begin building a tree house (as big as this one) and he would never run out of materials. He claims that God told him, "If you build a tree house, I'll see that you never run out of material."

Burgess spent more than 15 years in planning and creating this treehouse that is now commonly called as Minister’s Treehouse used as a church in Beehive Lane, Crossville, Tennessee. The creation and construction of this one of a kind building started in 1993.

The treehouse is said to be around 10,000 square feet in size and 100 foot tall in height. The structure used more than 250,000 nails and lots of scrap woods. Other recycled materials like license plates, furniture and roofing materials are also used to complete and fill out the structure.

Biggest TREEHOUSE In Crossville, Tennessee

This treehouse includes an indoor basketball court, a sanctuary, a choir loft, hundreds of rooms, walkways, balconies and spiral staircases. Burgess also built his wife a belfry tower (his 11th wedding anniversary) that houses chimes handmade from 10 oxygen acetylene bottles weighing 5,700 pounds. Outside of it is a garden complete with plants and flowers that his wife loves the most.

Because of its unique characteristic and structure, this treehouse gained lots of attention not only for the locals but also from its neighboring cities. It became a popular spot and tourist destination for many. But because of the fire safety code violations, the treehouse was closed to public access by the state for safety precautions.

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