WATCH How A Filipina Attempted To Rob Money Using A Toy Gun In Abu Dabhi

A money exchange center in Abu Dabhi started the day in their usual business routine. But things started to become uneasy when a woman wearing a black abaya, a black veil and white headscarf goes in and out of their store looking confused and nervous.

Filipina Attempted Robbery

After few minutes of observing, the woman pulled a gun, demanded money and threatened the staff at gunpoint. You can see at the video that she is concealing her fake plastic gun with a black cloth. But things didn't go as planned for her. Abu Dhabi police immediately arrived at the scene and she was arrested for the attempted robbery.

Aside from the fake plastic gun, the police also recovered a knife that she plans to use in case things get terribly wrong.

Here's the full video of the attempted robbery courtesy of Abu Dhabi police.

The suspect confessed that she wanted to rob the money exchange center to pay her debt amounting to 1.7 million pesos. The suspect was only identified by authorities as A.L.R., 33, a Filipino citizen.