#RIPJam Jam Fernando Sebastian Of JaMich Passed Away

Today, a young talented man passed away.

Jam Fernando Sebastian, famously known as JAM of the duo JaMich has passed away today, March 04, 2015 at exactly 10:30 AM.

Twitter and Facebook first broke the news about it and right now, the prayers and condolences for Jam is a trending topic on Twitter Worldwide.


His supporters expressed their deepest condolences via Twitter. Some are even saying that even though they are not a huge fan, they feel sad about "losing" one talented young man.


theresa said...

I was actually teaching my last class in the morning today when one of my students peaked on his phone and checked FB and saw the status from Jamich page. He actually broke the news to the whole class. I hope Jam will feel no pain in heaven now.

len said...

aaaw, this is so sad they are a very lovely couple eh, napakbata pa ni jam para mawala ;(