What These Italian Fishermen Caught Is Probably Their Biggest And Heaviest Ever! This Catfish Weighs Around Monstrous 280 Pounds!

What Dino Ferrari and his twin brother caught is probably one of their biggest, if not the biggest, catch ever. The twin brother documented their fishing expedition and their biggest catch ever with photos via the Sportex Italia Facebook page.

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari now holds a 280-pound piece of fishing history.
It took 40 minutes for Ferrari to reel in the catfish. He photographed the fish and then released it back into the Po River.

Dino Ferrari Catching The 280 Pound Catfish

Dino Ferrari Hugging The 280 Pound Catfish

Dino Ferrari With The 280 Pound Catfish

Emergent, a real-time rumor tracker website, verified this claimed and marked it as TRUE (not a hoax nor photoshopped). This gigantic catfish has already gone viral around the world wide web.
"The Sportex Italia Facebook page first published photos and details about the catch in a post on Feb. 13. It said that Dino Ferrari and his twin brother caught a massive wels catfish when fishing in the Po Delta, Mantua, Italy."
Weather.Com also featured this story at their own website.

For more images of this gigantic catfish being caught by the Italian fishermen, head over to Sportex Italy Facebook page.


Melgie Campbell said...

I can't imagine how work and effort they put into it, just to catch the fish. So far, that's the biggest fish I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing

Otakore Literantadodist said...

I remember the day Lolong was caught. Can't imagine such creature with that size exist. Our world is really wonderful. Full of mysteries and surprises.

Gil Camporazo said...

Nobody believes on this. Well, it's up for them. But for me, this is real, a real, huge fish.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Whoa! That's one HUGE catch! It must be the size of a whale. It's great that the fishermen wasn't frightened

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Oh wow! Will share these news to my relatives in Milan.

Franc said...

That's a really big catfish. It's nice that he released the catfish back to the river.


WOW!! I haven't seen a cat fish that big!!