Filipino Baby Born With Stigmata Of Jesus Christ Attracts Lots Of Attention Across The Country

When Jejomar Castillo was born, the first thing that his doctor and parents noticed is the strange injuries at his head and hand.

The baby boy was born with stigmata sores that resemble the injuries of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. Jejomar is attracting a lot of attention from Christians across the Philippines and some faithful are already gathering around the Quezon City general hospital to take a glimpse to the child.

According to Dr. Merlyn Cruz, the baby suffers from a rare case of syndrome causing purpura.

“I have to admit that this is an amazing case” says Doctor Cruz. “Only a handful of similar cases have been recorded throughout history, and it’s the first time on a baby, so the scientific knowledge accumulated about his pathology is very scarce. We are doing a series of tests to determine what these sores actually are and what is causing them to appear, but we have found nothing yet.”
Baby Born With Stigmata Jesus Christ
New born baby bears wounds on his forehead, hands and feet – similar to what Jesus Christ have.
Jejomar was born with head wounds that is similar to the wounds of Jesus Christ brought by the crown of thorns and hand wound caused by the crucifixion.

Some people who already heard about this news are saying that it’s a sign of the second coming. You, what do you think of this? Can the field of Science and medicine explain this?

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Image credit: World News Daily Report


According to numerous sources, this is a HOAX. The newborn baby in the picture is a FEMALE baby named DANICA MAY CAMACHO. Danica was the world's 7th billion baby and she wasn't born in Quezon City Gen Hospital. She was born in Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila, Philippines.

Here's the photo of the baby without the photoshopped STIGMATA.

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