You Won’t Look At Buddha Sculptures The Same Way Again After Reading This Article. SHOCKING REVELATION Indeed!

WHOA! There’s a Corpse (Mummy) Inside A Buddha Sculpture!

Buddha Monk CT Scan Result

At first glance, this 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture from the Netherlands looks very normal. Just like any other typical Buddha sculptures, this one is sitting on a calm meditation pose. 

Buddha Monk CT Scan

But when a CT scan was taken, a shocking revelation unfolds. The scan revealed that a mummy was hidden inside of it. The mummy, just like the pose of the Buddha, is sitting on a meditation pose.

According to the experts who conducted the tests and scans of the Buddha, the remains of a mummified monk encased inside is in position of meditation and said to be in immaculate condition. They also found out that the body belonged to Buddhist master Liuquan of the Chinese Meditation School.

What’s more interesting with these already shocking findings is that, the Buddha also contains “paper scraps that are printed with ancient Chinese characters.” As of this date, there is still no public news or announcement what the Chinese characters says.

Buddha Monk Mummy CT Scan


Elizabeth O. said...

Who would've thought right? That's definitely amazing and a little horrifying.

paradisenearth said...

These is so interesting. Thanks for sharing

Victoria Heckstall said...

What an interesting article. its really shocking to what they found.

Tisha Jagz said...

Interesting! I wonder how they figure out that a corpse is inside the statue and finally decide to do a scan?

CourtneyLynne said...

One I believe it!!! I spent a month injapan afew years ago and went to many temples. Not shocking to me at all that there would be mummies inside. Kinda makes more sense if you ask me after seeing all the Buddhas!