These 12 Terrifying Ways That Could End The Human Civilization Is Beyond Horrific! #8 and #9 Makes Me Shake In Fear Right Now!

Scientists and researchers all agree that the human life on Earth could end sometime soon. They already conducted studies and research that can backup their claim that the world we are living in right now is already aging and if we don’t act to preserve it, apocalypse might just come down earlier than expected.

End Of World

Here’s the list of 12 things or events that could end the Earth and the human life soon. They are all based from the research and findings of Researchers at Oxford University, scientists from the Global Challenges Foundation and the Future of Humanity Institute.

Extreme climate change

Climate Change

We can’t deny the fact that climate change is happening. It’s a major issue that the World Leaders and organizations have to face right now. According to studies, the impact of climate change could be strongest in poorest countries and mass death from famines could cause major global instability.

Nuclear explosion

Nuclear Explosion
Although their findings say that nuclear war is less likely to happen than in previous years, “the potential for deliberate or accidental nuclear conflict has not been removed”. Knowing what kind of damage a nuclear head can bring to the world, it’s quite scary to imagine if they all explode.

Global pandemic


Uncontrollable infectious disease is what can bring the human life to an end, in an instant. “There are grounds for suspecting that such a high impact epidemic is more probable than usually assumed,” the researchers believe.

Major asteroid impact

Asteroid Impact
Here’s what the findings says:

“Should an impact occur the main destruction will not be from the initial impact, but from the clouds of dust projected into the upper atmosphere,” the study warns.

“The damage from such an “impact winter” could affect the climate, damage the biosphere, affect food supplies, and create political instability.”

Super volcano

Volcano Eruption

The world does have lots of active volcanoes. Not to mention those inactive ones and the ones hidden under the ocean. “The effect of [historic eruptions] could be best compared with that of a nuclear war,” the researcher said.

Ecological catastrophe

Ecological catastrophe

If we don’t conserve the eco-system, life will end sooner than expected. “Species extinction is now far faster than the historic rate,” the study warns. According to the group, the humanity must learn to preserve the eco-system or develop sustainable economies in order to survive this catastrophe.

Global system catastrophe

Global system catastrophe

The economic collapse could trigger social chaos and breakdown in law and order. “The world economic and political system is made up of many actors with many objectives and many links between them,” the study warns. “Such intricate, interconnected systems are subject to unexpected system-wide failures caused by the structure of the network”.

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology

The possibility of someone who is really sick and mad about life that will intentionally build an “engineered pathogen” to wipe out the human race is at high.



“It could lead to the easy construction of large arsenals of conventional or more novel weapons made possible by atomically precise manufacturing,”

“Of particular relevance is whether nanotechnology allows the construction of nuclear bombs.” Imagine the terrorists using it.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

There will be a time when we humans can be controlled by computers and robots. According to their findings, “extreme” artificial intelligence “could not be easily controlled”. To make it worse, it would “probably act to boost their own intelligence and acquire maximal resources”.

Bad global governance

Bad global governance

Bad governance = chaos. The disaster and global problems will follow.

Unknown consequences


There are also some sort of unknown risks and their probabilities. The study still calls for “extensive research” to identify these “unknown unknowns” that could bring a great destruction of the world.

These findings are not meant to scare people. According to the group of people involved in this research:
“[This research] is about how a better understanding of the magnitude of the challenges can help the world to address the risks it faces, and can help to create a path towards more sustainable development,” the study’s authors said.
“It is a scientific assessment about the possibility of oblivion, certainly, but even more it is a call for action based on the assumption that humanity is able to rise to challenges and turn them into opportunities.”
For you, what is the most terrifying way that could end the world?

Information source: The Independent News


Cym Marzan said...

Some of these are really happening right now. The one that scares me the most is the one that could cause slow and painful death like diseases or famine.

mayenn said...

I agree with Cym that some of these are actually happening right now. We really need to be proactive in participating to protect the environment to at least lessen the impact of these threats.

Melgie Campbell said...

We should conserve what we have and take good care of Mother Earth. Some are really happening right now and its frightening. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Well this is a very dreary post. I guess it is a reminder to live life to the fullest.


Michi said...

Extreme climate change is now happening to us, what scared me most is the artificial intelligence.

Brandi Hayden said...

Very interesting! I hope the world never sees anything too severe. I think the climate change is approaching us. This all scares me. I hope I never have to see any of it.