These Beauty Treatments, Tools And Procedures From The '30s and '40s Looks So Creepy! #10 Is Really Terrifying

These Beauty Treatments From The '30s and '40s Uses Creepy Tools and Crazy Procedures. #10 Really Looks Scary!

These beauty treatments or procedures from the past looks really scary. At first look, you will think that they are devices not to beautify a person but to torture them or something like that.

The devices used from the past are way different to what we have now. Thanks to the modern technology and new inventions, you won't have to undergo at this kind of old terrifying treatments, machines and procedures anymore.

Freezing Freckles

Freezing Freckles
Freezing freckles off with carbon dioxide was a popular treatment in the thirties. Patients’ eyes were covered with airtight plugs, their nostrils were filled in for protection, and they had to breathe through a tube.
Blow Dry

Blow Dry
A chorus of large blow-driers attends to a customer in the 1920s
Hair Waving

Hair Waving
A permanent hair procedure (presumably hair waving) being performed in Germany in 1929.
Make-Up Kit

Make Up
This device from 1930, invented by Max Factor, helps correct the application of make-up.
Face Refresher

Face Refresher
This terrifying mask from the 1940s could be plugged in to heat the face and head in an attempt to stimulate circulation and make the skin look fresh.
For Weight Loss

For Weight Loss
‘Slenderising salons’ in the forties devised all sorts of weight-loss treatments, one of which was massage chairs like these, which massaged clients’ legs with metal rollers
Unknown Beauty Treatment

Unknown Beauty Treatment
A 1940s beauty treatment at Helena Rubinstein’s salon
Sun-screen Protection

Sun-screen Protection
Before the invention of sun-screen in the mid 1940s, bathers wore garments like this Freckleproof Cape to protect themselves from the sun. The cape also features built-in sunglasses.
Curly Hairs

Curly Hairs
Pre-war women would spend hours with their hair bundled up into creepy heating machines like these to achieve a fashionable curled look
Fruit Mask

Fruit Mask
A fruit mask from the 1930s
For Glamour

For Glamour
This ‘Glamour Bonnet’ from the forties promised to give users a rosy complexion by lowering atmospheric pressure around their head to simulate alpine conditions
For Smooth Spot Free Skin

For Smooth Spot Free Skin
This Thirties suction machine consisted of tiny glass nozzles, a rubber hose and  a vacuum pump. It promised smooth, spot-free skin
For Wrinkles

For Wrinkles
These two 1920s women are getting rid of wrinkles and imperfections by wearing rubber “beauty masks”
For Hangover?

For Hangover
The ‘Hangover Heaven’ face pack, also invented by Max Factor, featured plastic cubes that could be filled with water and frozen. The mask was popular with party-going Hollywood stars in the forties
Of all the machines above, I wish I can still get or buy the hangover haven face pack. It could be really useful up to this time.



Franc said...

These treatments looks scary back then. I'm glad processes are now simpler.

Melgie Campbell said...

Those are one scary beauty treatment. I'm glad is more modern now and look pleasant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

JOJO VITO said...

I was laughing all the time reading at this article...the photographs looked scary and funny at the same time..nice post :)

Jonas Labagala said...

I thought they're torture devices! Haha! But it's surprising that they use them for their beauty regimen before!

Great post btw.. :D

Pinky Jhaney said...

I don't think I could ever try these beauty treatments but I must agree with you with the Hangover Heaven because I apply ice on my face. LOL

Badet Siazon said...

The curling style with all those contraptions is similar to a digiperm. Some of them are scary though.

SRK CLUB said...

These treatments from past are kind of creepy. They look very scary and I am wondering how much trouble they might have gone through. Glad to see that world has changed now.

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Leslie said...

Oh wow! These are scary, hah. A few of them remind me of leatherface, eek! I'm so glad we live in 2016, I don't think I could handle all that.

Laci Carlson said...

Oh my heck no I would have to skip all that :) laci

Elizabeth O. said...

Those are creepy indeed! I would rather not look pretty and dolled up than use these machines! Lol.

Danielle Des said...

The things we do for beauty. Wow!

Ana said...

I always enjoy wathing weird old machines and I also ask myself which of the machines we use today will be look as weird and creepy on the future

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg I really got a good laugh at this!!!! So creepy but yet neat to see how things have changed since then!

Amy Jones said...

Loved all the pictures, specially the huge blow dryer!!

Visualize Authenticity said...

Oh my gosh, I had to close my eyes for some of these. The thought was horrible ouch!

LifeAsAConvert said...

Oh wow, some of these are hilarious and some are just downright scary! That weight loss thing almost looks like it would be a massage, but I can just imagine any hair on your body getting ripped out by those spirals.

tauyanm said...

that face refresher looks cool and the rest too cool and weird hhahaa but i guess its nice living where all the treatments are much better and easier hehe