You Won’t Believe What The Victorian People Usually Do At The Body Of Their Dead Love Ones. Creepy yet Stunning!

Centuries ago, post-mortem photography is a widely popular and common practice.  During the Victorian era, people usually take photos with their recently deceased loved ones or relatives to keep their memories alive. The photographer or the post-mortem artist usually makes the dead body look alive either by making them stand or even smile.

Below are some of the creepy yet so amazing photos that were captured way back.

Mother With Deceased Child Victorian Era

Can you identify the deceased child at this photo? Look closely!

The post-mortem photo of this bride looks really alive! Creepy yet absolutely stunning.

Look at her eyes! The photographer drawn something into it to make it look more alive.

Another tricky photo. Can you identify who is the deceased one? I bet not!

One reader and commenter at, Jennifer Ilg, had a beautiful explanation about this post-mortem photography.
Some people may see this "memento mori" (memory of the dead) as creepy. But you have to consider the time in which they were taken. Photos didn't document an entire person's life. You were lucky to have maybe 5 pictures taken of you your entire life and that's probably if you were rich. There were no "selfies", no family pictures in a bunch of shoe boxes in some closet. This is what they had and when viewed that way, I find it a beautiful act of love.
Creepy is not the right word for these pictures. Haunting is the right word. For the fact that these individuals were so loved and their family wanted to preserve their legacy.  They wanted their loved ones not to be forgotten. After a century and more that has gone by, right here, on this page, thousands of people are remembering them.
Will and can you do the same thing today to preserve the memory of your deceased loved ones?