These Great Health Trends Will Seriously Start Your New Year Right! #4 Is Indeed Life Changing For Many

Health is Wealth. If you believe in this mantra or saying or whatever you call it, then this health trends worldwide will surely make you happy to the bones.

Although the threat of EBOLA virus is still there, it's really nice to read and see that there are some cases of sickness that goes way down today.

HIV and AIDS rates are down

HIV and AIDS rates are down

Both HIV infections and AIDS related deaths have declined significantly over the past decade. According to UNAIDS.ORG, the cases are down over the past decade–by 33 percent and 29 percent respectively over the past decade. It seems like people are now becoming more aware of this sickness thus making them extra careful not to catch such sickness or diseases.

Deaths due to Measles declined significantly

Deaths due to Measles declined significantly

World Health Organization reported that Measles death have fallen 80 percent between 2000 to 2012. This decline is largely attributed to the organization's push toward mandatory vaccination. It also helps that people are now aware that it's indeed important for the kids to get such vaccine at early age.

Abundance in clean drinking water

Clean Drinking Water

In one of their reports, WHO stated that since 1990, 2 billion people worldwide have gained access to improved drinking water in addition to 4 billion who now enjoy the highest water access (through piping). It's really a great thing to hear and read most specially now that the world is becoming overpopulated and water pollution is at its highest.

Healthy eating is on the rise

mom and daughter eating healthy foods

The second obese nation in the world, United States, is reported to be eating healthful foods nowadays than before. According to a certain study, Americans are now cutting their fat, calories and cholesterol consumption. With the great influence of American lifestyle all over the globe, it's expected that the other countries will follow.

The global life-expectancy has risen steadily 

Happy Old People Longer Life

World Health Organization recorded that the life expectancy is up. For the past two decades, it has risen steadily with the average lifespan increasing SIX years. It's quite expected because of the downward trend in deaths that caused by deadly diseases. Also, the availability of clean drinking water and healthy eating trend is what makes life expectancy to go up at this point of time.


Marissa Bautista-Bulatao said...

I hope the country will have cleaner water. My son had amoebiasis

Mommy Maye said...

Clean water, clean air and less pollution. I hope these can be addressed too here in the Philippines. That's good to know that death rate is decreasing.

Mommy Maye2