At First, I Thought This Is Another Internet Hoax. Then I Later Found Out That This Creature Really Exist!

When I first saw the image posted below, I was pretty convince that it’s one of those hoax or fake images going around the internet and social media world. Who would have thought that a pig can grow some hair at its body? Not only that, the hair are so curly and it’s somewhat similar to the curly hair of a sheep!

Mangalitsa In A Forest

This kind of pig is called Mangalitsa.

Mangalitsa or Mangalica is a rare breed of pig of Hungarian origin. It has an unusual growth of curly hair over its body, similar to the sheep. 

There are three Mangalitsa breeds: Blonde, Swallow-bellied, and Red. The Blonde Mangalitsa is blonde, the Swallow-bellied has a blonde belly and feet with a black body, and the red is ginger. Other breeds (black, wolf, and baris) have died out as pure-bred forms, though their reconstruction from selective breeding of mixed varieties is being debated in Hungary.

Mangalitsa Pig

According to sources, the Mangalitsa breed does not require special care and has good fattening ability. Mangalitsa is one of the fattiest pigs in the world with fat accounting for 65% to 70% of its body weight. 

Magalitsa meat is also considered as the tastiest pork in the world. It is reddish, highly marbled with creamy white fat, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. 

Mangalica lard is lighter, and melts at a lower temperature, than lard from other pigs, because it contains more unsaturated fat.

Today there are more than 8,000 breeding sows in Hungary producing 60,000 animals each year. Although this is a very special pig breed, experts say that they are out of danger zone or extinction.

Mangalitsa With Piglets

For more information about Mangalitsa, visit the following websites:,default,pg.html


Melgie Campbell said...

This is very interesting! I never seen this before and I have to believe what I say, weird combination of sheep and peg look. Thanks for sharing

JanzCrystalz January said...

This interesting! I wonder if this pig breed will survive in our country

Franc said...

This is a really unique breed of pig as it really look like a sheep.

Lovemindanao said...

i wonder how this rare breed of pig tastes? but if this is already on the brink of extinction... ithink ill pass

Raine Pal said...

A unique breed of a pig. I wonder how they taste...hmmmm... As far as I know, a specific breeds have a unique flavor or meat.

Alissa said...

I've never seen this kind of pig before. It's so hairy and it's not the usual pink color