A Blind Man Was Asked To Wear This Ugly Suit. What Happened Next Will Change His Life Forever

You Won't Believe What This Suit Can Do!

This is not just an ordinary suit. This suit is invented and designed to help blind people move around freely without a cane.

A blind man in the Runa Tech suit and inventor Inti Condo

The bat's navigation system has inspired Inti Condo, the Ecuadorian student inventor of the suit, to create a costume that can help blind people walk, move around and do things without intense supervision.

""The Suit is equipped with ultrasonic sensors to enable the person navigate in Different surroundings. It emits Vibrations Direct to the person and of WARN Different objects near HIM," Inti Condo, the Creator's Suit"

Condo's invention is a result of a school project. According to him, it represents an electronic copy of a biological navigation system used by bats. He called his innovative project as Runa Tech (Human Technology) in Kechua.

Runa Tech has a total of 7 important sensors. These sensors are strategically located at areas of human body including the waist, hands and shoulders. It warns the wearer of threats and obstacles such as staircases. It will intensely vibrate when the person wearing it is close to a dangerous object and/or obstacles preventing possible accidents.

The Runa Tech costume will cost around $5000. But, it's not yet commercially available in the market due to the fact that it still needs modification that can make it water and weather proof.

The project already attracted numerous private investors who are very much willing to improve and enhance this life changing suit.

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Gil Camporazo said...

This invention could be very helpful to those blind individual. However, the cost, its too high for those ordinary handicap persons. The intention to help, assist and aid the blind person to freely do what he wants like a normal person is very commendable, but its usefulness practically is too limited to those who could afford.

Gil Camporazo said...

Runa Tech costume for the blind is a break through in a technology to "make" blind person to do the work or job as normal is doing. A technology\y advancement to watch for the blind. (2nd comment - Gil Camporazo)

Gil Camporazo said...

This innovation technology to help the blind as initiated by Inti Condo, the Ecuadorian student inventor of the suit, should be accorded with recognition and honor. Imagine through his suit invention, the blind people can walk, move around and do things freely as what the normal person is doing. (3rd comment - Gil Camporazo)