At First, It Looks Like A Pile Of Unworthy Junk. But What Happens When The Camera Moves In Front Of It Will Shock You! Amazingly Genius!

The pile of junk is a genius work of art! This are the exact words I said right after seeing the video below.

It's great to have people here on earth who are truly artistic in nature. They can turn almost anything or everything, even a pile of junk, into an extra ordinary creations.

Watch and see it for yourself!


Franc said...

Wow, it looks really amazing from a right angle. I guess never under estimate some things unless you know how to appreciate it.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

It's incredible how a thing looks different entirely from a different viewing angle. I didn't realize that it's a pile of many things that formed the face of a man!

Lovemindanao said...

wow what an art...simply amazing .. I wonder whose face that belongs..

Gil Camporazo said...

The inventiveness, creativity and ingenuity of every individual are already there. They need to discover them and use them effectively. This is I always cling into - my belief. For I know as long as man is living, there's no impossible especially with God's will.