Watch This Daring Video Of A Man Who Jumps Out Window And Breaks His Legs When Attempt To Rape A Woman Fails

"He deserve those broken legs", this is the comments that most people says upon watching this video. This video shows a man clearly in pain and crawling on the ground for dear life after suffering 2 broken legs. According to witnesses, he jumped out on a window after his attempt to rape a woman was thwarted by her sister.

Here's the description of the video from LiveLeak.Com

Woman Loss Her Phone at a Local corner Store, when she call Her Number A Man Answer And Was Very Nice To Her Said He Would Return Her Phone.
He Did Not Showed up With Her Phone… Instead a Big ASS Knife Ready To Rape Her.
He Tell Her Drop everything “Bi**h Am Gonna Fu**k The Sh**t Out Of You”
He Drag Her By Her Hair Bring Her in a Room Where Her Sister Was, Luckily Her Sister Know How to Fight. 
She Defend Herself Then Rapist Jump out The Window.

Watch the video and listen how the woman taunts him while film is rolling.