Justin Bieber was Charged With Criminal Assault

The Celebrity Justin Bieber has been charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT for allegedly attacking a limousine driver .

Last December, Justin took a limo in Toronto and got into some sort of skirmish.  At the time a member of his entourage was being investigated for roughing up the driver.

But the investigation took a turn. Toronto cops got annoyed when they wanted to talk to Justin but he didn't come in for an interview.  Justin is now in Toronto said by Law enforcement sources and in the next hour will go to the police station.

Given a citation and released on his own recognizance, Sources say Justin will be booked for assault,  

The sources say. Justin is accused of physically attacking the limo driver. not simply ordering the attack.

The sources also say, yesterday 3 other witnesses were interviewed and at least some of their account incriminated Justin.