The Face Behind Voice Of Apple’s Siri, Revealed!

on Monday, October 07, 2013

‘I’m the original voice of Siri’, ‘I provided the voice of Siri’ – these are the statements given out by one of the most famous ” multitasking virtual assistant ” the world has ever known.

Behind the SIRI technology, there is a real woman. Apple, the company and technology behind SIRI (via iPhone) has never identified her, but many are quite convinced that she is the voiceover actor named Susan Bennett from  Atlanta, USA.

Although Apple didn’t (and surely they won’t) confirm it, Susan Bennett claimed that she is indeed the voice of Siri. Audio-forensics and other people closed to Susan Bennett all agree and says she is 100% the voice behind SIRI .

What can you say? Do you think she is the real voice behind SIRI even though APPLE didn’t confirmed nor denied it?

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More of Susan Bennett via her official website.

Image source: CNN.Com