Must Watch! Girl With Telekinetic Powers Freaks Out At A Coffee Shop!

First and foremost, yeah, the video you are about to watch is scripted/fake/staged or whatsoever  you can call it. But, you can't deny that its really awesome.

 Girl With Telekinetic Powers

The video is some sort of a publicity stunt for the remake film CARRIE. The terrifying but amazingly awesome prank was done at a busy coffee shop. The cast and crew of this "Fake Telekinetic Powers" video used fake walls and hidden pulleys (utilized by the guy thrown at the wall), remote controlled tables (utilized when the telekinetic girl started to wave her hand) and spring loaded shelves filled with books (utilized when the girl started to scream). Not only the props are awesome, the actors too gave a good punch at this prank.

If you think this publicity stunt of CARRIE is awesome, then I am quite sure the movie itself is much more awesome and intensely entertaining.