Truck With LPG Tanks Explodes In General Trias, Cavite, Explosion Caught On Cam [VIDEO]

A truck carrying LPG tanks exploded while parked at a certain LPG refilling station in General Trias Cavite. The said explosion happened around 11:00 A.M of Saturday (April 27, 2013).

According to the initial report, the truck loaded with LPG tanks exploded while inside the refilling station. Authorities are still determining what caused the explosion and figuring out the extent of the damage. No casualties are reported as of this writing.

Truck With LPG Tank Explodes In Cavite

The explosion caused huge alarm to the community. Ambulance and fire trucks are immediately dispatched to the scene to control the situation. Here is a video clip from a witness of the explosion.

Because of this incident, the locals of the community immediately recalled the explosion that happened to The Star Maker Factory in Trece Martirez city wherein there are 5 confirmed dead and several people are wounded.

This is not the first time that an LPG tank explodes in Cavite. Last 2010, a delivery truck carrying LPG tanks exploded in Carmona Cavite. It causes massive fire around the nearby houses causing deaths and injuries at people around the area of explosion.