Saudi Man Ali Al-Khawahir Sentenced To Be Paralyze

This news that break out in the Middle East sparks uproar to some human rights group. They call this Saudi paralysis sentence "outrageous," "torture," adding that it "should on no account be carried out."

The rights group Amnesty International has condemned the Saudi court sentence that orders "a man to be paralyzed as retribution for having paralyzed another man".

Saudi Man Ali Al-Khawahir Paralyze Sentence

According to the Saudi Gazette, 10 years ago, Ali Al-Khawahir (the suspect/sentenced to be paralyzed) stabbed and paralyzed his best friend. Ali Al-Khawahir is 14 years old back then and he has been in prison ever since. Last weekend, the Saudi court sentenced him to be paralyzed if he cannot pay the amount of one million Saudi Riyals ($266,000) to the victim.

"Paralyzing someone as punishment for a crime would be torture," said Ann Harrison, Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa deputy director.

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