North Korea Sets Missile Into 'Firing Position'

The recent move by North Korea forces might be a sign that the war between them and South Korean/USA forces is about to happen.

According to sources, North Korea already raised one of their missiles into its upright firing position. It's a clear sign that a missile launch is imminent.

This kind of action from Kim Jong Un (Supreme Leader Of North Korea) military forces makes the situation even worse. It raises grave concerns from the public and the rest of the world who is closely watching each and every move (and words) NoKor is doing (and saying) nowadays.

Setting their missile into a firing position escalates the tension even more after Kim Jong un warned diplomats about their security and safety in the capital when April 10 comes.

North Korea Missile Range

Countries surrounding North Korea already placed their own artillery that can shoot down any kind of missile that threatens their countrymen's lives and cities.

For South Koreans, this threats and words of Kim Jong Un is becoming part of their daily lives and for some its "really normal". They learn to live daily without worrying about NoKor and Kim Jong Un words taht threaten their lives.

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