Man Faces 10 Months Jail Time Because Of His "Tweets"

Abdulla al-Hadidi, an Abu Dhabi man was sentenced with 10 months jail time after his tweet about an ongoing trial concerning his father and few more others.

The prosecutors accused Abdulla al-Hadidi of "overthrowing the government". Aside from that, the prosecutors also believes that the accused is "connected to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood" (which is prohibited in UAE).

According to the United Arab Emirates justice department (via a certain news agency):

"He published arguments about court proceedings and circumstances surrounding the arrest of the accused with dishonesty and bad faith"
That said jail time because of anti-government tweet raised concerns to the public, especially the Human Rights Watch group. They say that Abdulla al-Hadidi is a government critic and his sentence of 10 months jail time for a tweet comment is an attempt of the government to "hide the trial from unbiased international observers and journalists".

This is not the first time that a person is sentenced and sent to jail because of a twitter comment. Over a year ago, a Kuwaiti man was sentenced with 10 years of imprisonment for Twitter posts insulting the rulers of Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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