3 Tarlac, Philippines Cops Suspended Over "Cops Beating Man" Viral Video

A video showing 3 uniformed policemen beating down a civilian man in public has gone viral and draws massive attention via the internet days ago. This video is a clear proof or evidence, according to netizens and human rights group, of police brutality.

That video made Senior Supt. Alfred Corpus, Tarlac police director, to order administrative actions against PNP personnel namely Police Officers 2 Ritchel Antonio, Gerardo Bermudez and Fernando Acosta.

3 Tarlac, Philippines Cops Suspended Over "Cops Beating Man" Video

The 3 named cops are suspended from their duty and placed under restrictive custody while the case is still on process.

“We guarantee to the public that the PNP will not tolerate this kind of behavior of our men. We will do a thorough and fair investigation of this incident,” said Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., PNP spokesman.

According to Cerbo, its better to wait for the result of the investigation before applying the necessary action for that incident. He added that it's difficult to know what really happened first before and after that video is recorded. To add more, one policeman at the said video also filed a complaint or case for direct assault and physical injuries against the unidentified man in the video.

3 Tarlac Cops Suspended Over Brawl via TheABSCBNNews