Team Patay Team Buhay - What Is It All About

The internet and the social media community is bombarded with personal thoughts and reactions from the netizens who saw and read about the "Team Patay, Team Buhay" Poster.

The "Conscience Vote Team Patay, Team Buhay" tarpaulin is a poster that contains names of senators or politicians and few party-lists groups categorized according to their stand at the highly debated RH reproductive health law.

Conscience Vote Team Patay, Team Buhay
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The names under the Team Patay are those people or personalities who stand by their thoughts and beliefs that the law is a must for this kind of times. Meaning, they are all thumbs up for the sex education, contraceptives and such that promotes a modern way of family planning.

The names under Team Buhay are the ones who stand by the church, highly contesting and going against the said RH Bill because according to them, it's agains't the GOD's words (via the BIBLE).

A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH A Catholic church in Bacolod has cut in half a tarpaulin that tells the faithful whom to vote for and whom to junk in the May senatorial elections (“Team Buhay, Team Patay”). The Commission on Elections says the 6-foot-by-10-foot tarpaulin violates the rule on campaign material sizes, prompting the church to cut it. Despite the cut, the two tarpaulins still do not meet the 2-foot-by-3-foot rule of the Omnibus Election Code. CARLA GOMEZ/INQUIRER VISAYAS

The  “Team Patay/Team Buhay” tarpaulin is first seen and posted at Diocese of Bacolod at a large easy to read scale or size. According to analyst and election watchers, the poster do have a great effect on the political ambitions and aspirations of those listed personalities who are running for office this May 2013.

The Controversial poster already reached the attention of the COMELEC and the Supreme Court.

What are your thoughts about this?

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AddCash said...

They have their rights. In my end I don't enforce who to vote for. It's everyone's right.

Franc Ramon said...

The church should really stay away from politics. I think it would not be good to divide the nation further with pro and anti RH as it has already been resolved.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I watched this over a news channel and felt that the terms Team Patay and Team buhay (the former, especially) are highly offensive of the church. They spark attention but not in a good way.

jsncruz said...

In other words, from Franc and Roch's comments, this for me is nothing more than whining :) The RHB is now RHL and the detractors of the law should just really shut up and let us vote in peace.