Justin Bieber Smoking Weed [PHOTOS]

The photos and images says it all. The now trending and going viral Justin Bieber smoking weed photos are all over the place; blogs, social media and major news and entertainment portal and outlet.

Here are the images wherein you can see how Justin Bieber smokes his weed like a boss. Photos and images are all property of TMZ.

This photo that gone viral also made some sort of weird campaign and cry out at twitter. With the hashtag #cut4bieber, teens and fans of Justin Bieber are "cutting" themselves and posting the photos of their bleeding arms in their effort to pressure Justin Bieber in giving up his smoking weed habit.

Major entertainment portal also says the photos and images above are taken at a big party inside a Newport Beach hotel room on Jan. 2. Justin Bieber is with rapper Lil Twist and Lil Twist brother at this hotel room. If you can recall, Lil Twist is person driving Justin Bieber's car at the time the paparazzo was hit on a highway in Los Angeles on Jan. 1. Is there any connection here or some sort of it? Who knows!

So what do you think? Are you shocked by the above photos? Or is this kind of habit a normal one for famous singers and celebrities? Comment on!

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