Mike Brown Lakers No More - Mike Brown Is Fired!

A big turn out of event happened today, specially at the basketball or NBA scene.

According to numerous and various resources, coach Mike Brown of LA Lakers is fired and won't be coaching the Lakers team anymore.

Lakers Fired Mike Brown
Mike Brown - Former Lakers Head Coach
Sam Amick of USA Today first confirmed and brought out this breaking story via Mike Brown's Agent. Numerous media outlet picked the story up and now, they are confirming this as well, thus making this story a lot more truthful than ever, although no official word yet from Mike Brown's camp.

As we all know, LA Lakers didn't start this season good and strong as they usually did. Critics says that it has something to do with the coaching staff specially with the coaching capability of Brown.

Replacements for Mike Brown is still unclear although the names of former NBA coaches; Eddie Jordan,  Bernie Bickerstaff, Mike D’Antoni, Nate McMillan and Jerry Sloan is coming out of the surface.

Lakers Fired Mike Brown - Kobe Bryant Mike Brown No More
Kobe Bryant Mike Brown No More?
This change of coaching staff and firing up Mike Brown won't happen without consulting the players, specially with KOBE and the rest of the main guys. So it just mean, they backed up the decision and I am quite sure, that decision is final.

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