Emma Stone Sex Tape

News is buzzing around. Entertainment, News, Gossip and even Movie blogs and websites are making their own guesses, speculations, thoughts and analogies about this Emma Stone Sex Tape. The question is,  is there really an existing Emma Stone sex tape that makes people go crazy about it? Is there a possibility of Emma Stone sex tape download soon?

A certain source from Radar Online said that Emma Stone do really have a sex tape. She recorded her sex stint before and that particular tape is still at the hands of the person who she made it with.

Emma Stone Sex Tape
Emma Stone Image Via RadarOnline.Com
That alleged tape is not new though. It was made before she became famous and even before she started dating Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield came up with a clever way to spread the word about two charities they support when they realized paparazzi were lurking outside the New York City restaurant where they were lunching Saturday, waiting to get the perfect shot. Source: eonline.com
According to people who believes in her, that tape is a by product of her "being young" by that time. Trying to really experiment and do things around because of curiosity and stuffs like that.

As of now, that alleged tape remains to be off-public. Meaning to say, it hasn't leaked online, yet. But this doesn't mean there's any guarantee that it won't hit the market, specially with the online word actively looking and desperately asking for it.

So what do you think about this alleged Emma Stone Sex Tape? Any thoughts about it?

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